Equipment usage — Addreality

Equipment usage

The Addreality Player software works on various equipment types running:


  • Home and Professional editions are not recommended for professional long-term use home and pro while Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is recommended.
  • Windows 7 and higher are supported.


  • Addreality software works on custom versions and Android TV as well.
  • Android 4.2.2 and higher are supported.


  • iOS 10 and higher are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod.


  • OS X 10.13 and higher are supported.

Content recommendations

  • For Windows and Android — mp4 with h.264 codec.
  • According to the equipment capacity the requirements for bit rate, frame rate and video content resolution are different.
  • For iOS: In interface editor mode — flv with h.263 codec; In media gallery mode — mp4 with h.264 codec.

Advice: using of content with resolution higher than layer size isn’t recommended. There won`t be the qualitative difference in content displaying, but this mismatch influences on transition animation rendering and overlay effects.

Equipment requirements

Media broadcasting points include one or several equipment types:

  • Nettop/desktop computer, laptop.
  • Microcomputer, stick.
  • Android TV/ Intel OPS with Windows or Android software.
  • Android smartphone/Apple iPhone, iPod Touch.
  • Android tablet/Apple iPad.

Примеры оборудования

Examples of equipment

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  • Addreality Player software works on server computers but its using on computers with critical and resource-intensive software isn’t recommended.
  • Recommended equipment, its characteristics, key features and OS depend on project complexity and extra module using (playback/view statistics gathering; face, gender, age recognition etc.).
  • You should install and activate gender and age detection (this technology is necessary while the audience statistics gathering as well) in Player settings. The correct face detection requires the AVX-instructions supporting. This service is available on Intel Core i3/i5/i7, from 2nd generation processors (Sandy Bridge).
  • In the scripts with motion sensor you can use the modernized security system sensor for PC connection using COM port. It could be necessary to use USB-to-COM adapter (for example, MasterKit BM8050).

  • Not all the equipment types can be used in 24/7 mode. It usually refers to household devices. You can manage your money smartly choosing professional equipment.
  • You can use monitors, interactive panels, LED displays, video walls as the output device. The key element for output device selection is the connected monitors recognized by OS (LED panels connection pattern: LED panel>controller> hdmi/dvi>PC).
  • You can use only USB cameras for the face, motion, gender and age detection. The views statistics gathering requires USB camera connection as well.


Device Connection methods Broadcasting point OS displaying
Keyboard USB, PS/2, Bluetooth
Computer mouse USB, PS/2, Bluetooth
Screen VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort with splitter/coaxial cable Monitors
Touch interface USB
Frame grabber PCI, PCI-E, USB
TV-tuner PCI, PCI-E, USB, FireWire, ISA, VGA, DVI
Camera USB Image processing device
Motion sensor COM port/USB through COM-to-USB adapter COM2USB
Beacon motion detection Bluetooh with BLE support (Low Energy), available from Bluetooth v4
Microphone Mini-jack 3.5, USB
Sound processing device Mini-jack 3.5, USB